I am a bull in a China shop when I speak Hebrew. It’s only fitting for a Taurus to thrash through a second language, ramming by and not thinking twice about the shattered shards of grammar and correct pronunciation that suffer. Perhaps the bull doesn’t mind because it is only a bull, not responsible for the repercussions of entering a China shop. Like, the bull is in a China shop, what do you expect it to do? Linger silently without moving? It is in its nature to smash porcelain when presented the opportunity.

As the Taurus, I also cannot stand still. I must move and speak and occasionally butcher the language without much care. When the other option is silence, what do you expect me to do? I push through strings of words with confidence, self aware that I am breaking China, yes, but I am also doing what I do best: communicating, regardless of how messy the outcome.

While my Hebrew is more refined than my bull’s self restraint, I am unabashed, unfazed by my mistakes. I self correct as I speak, acknowledging my weaknesses but powering through nonetheless. Uncertainty does not inhibit me from speaking. I speak, well, and sometimes a little China breaks while I’m at it.

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