I’m sorry

To the child sitting next to me on the bus from Jerusalem proper to pakmaz: I am sorry that my phone activity is so mundane. I know that you were expecting an interesting adult—especially a soldier—who browsed through newsfeeds with photos and videos. Yet you had the distinct misfortune of sitting next to me and for that I am truly sorry. Though I began by navigating through Instagram, when I realized I had an audience I shifted my attention to something less random. Words are boring, yes, I know, even if there are flashy colors and graphics a la Words with Friends, yet I couldn’t even keep to that as I now find myself creating words on WordPress and not within the confines of a game. There isn’t anything interesting about black and white foreign characters. Your best bet now is to pay attention to the dog in the cart. I promise it’s vastly more interesting than anything I’ll do on my phone.

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