Life is so much better when it sparkles…

While I have always veered towards the embellishment of words, I recently became enamored with a new visual art. Join me on my quarantine-catalyzed journey as I glue gems to everything I see. Welcome to my absolutely fabulous and completely absurd world of ~bedazzlement~.

Original Masterpieces on *Canvas*

The creation of an artist.


It started with a pill bottle. Then I bedazzled three more, and you can only imagine where I went from there…

Coloring inside the lines

Think Crayons, but sparkly.

Coloring just the lines

Blame David Attenborough for my interest in one-line drawings. Minimalism has never looked so gorgeous!


As a soldier, it is my duty to add a little sparkle wherever I go.

Cloth is Clutch

Have Hot Fix gun, will bedazzle (reluctantly).

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