What’s in my backpack for a day of Israeli bureaucracy, another list

  1. Phone
  2. Phone charger
  3. Portable phone charger
  4. AirPods
  5. Sweatshirt
  6. Jean jacket (the Middle East has air conditioning)
  7. A big bag of cariot
  8. 2 Master Cafe coffee drinks (tiramisu, obviously)
  9. ID
  10. Immigrant ID
  11. All other forms of identification (passport, birth certificate, driver’s license, Tulane Splash Card, etc.)
  12. Documents (see above ++transcripts/ health forms and other miscellaneous documents I put in my Aliyah binder)
  13. Lactaid pills (#ashkenazistomachs4ever)
  14. Glasses
  15. Sun glasses
  16. Hair ties
  17. Water bottle
  18. Lox n cream cheese n lettuce (?) sandwich from the Jerusalem bus station
  19. Hyaluronic acid (hydration and wrinkle prevention is key)
  20. Rav kav (which is not a valid ID, as per my last post)

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