Advice on how to tackle Israeli bureaucracy, a list

  1. Sometimes it’s better to be on time than early
  1. A rav kav is not a valid form of identification
  2. Bring your ID EVERYWHERE
  3. In my case, also bring your immigrant ID EVERYWHERE
  4. When you’re told no, ask again
  5. When you’re told no about something that you know should be a yes (as per official documents), ask again until you’re told yes
  6. Pack patience in your backpack
  7. Also pack snacks – you’re going to need them
  8. Get ready to wait
  9. When you’re waiting, don’t complain – there’s nothing you can do but be happy when they finally call your name (even if it takes a solid 4 hours)
  10. Bring coffee
  11. Ask questions if something is unclear
  12. Ask until you finally get some semblance of clarity
  13. When you need a break (or some more coffee or cariot), ask
  14. Keep asking, but know where the line is and when you’re about to cross it
  15. Laugh at the absurdity (but not too loud because then you’ll REALLY be branded as the Weird American)
  16. Use your words
  17. Use all your Hebrew words until your Hebrew vocabulary is drained
  18. Be nice
  19. Have fun!

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