I got the job

I crossed my T’s, dotted my I’s. I sat up as straight as I could, never nodding off. I was quiet, but I asked insightful questions (and only a few kitbag ones). I was polite and formal and acknowledged that I knew I was in a military framework when I couldn’t help but tiptoe onto the line. I seeped myself in knowledge, not learning it for the test but for myself. I didn’t fail a single exam, my average just dipping below my last ever GPA (as in: REALLY nice). I waited quietly in line and didn’t push, though maybe I should have. When I panicked, I found solutions. I organized and planned and approached this month-long interview with a professionalism I didn’t know I possessed.

And I got the job.

I mentally prepared for the worst, ready to go anywhere and make the best difference I could. But I didn’t have to settle; I got the best.

While the best is perhaps uniquely appropriate for me, from a biasedly objective standpoint, I got the best job.

I could have excelled anywhere. Really, I would have been fine. But I didn’t want to be fine. I wanted to excel and be excited and be the best. So I did what I did and I got what I got and I am so happy that what I did paid off.

“You fit best in a place where you can learn quickly and work independently.” My best fit is the best.

I got the job.

One response to “I got the job”

  1. Yes you did! Mazel Tov!
    So proud of you! ❤️-Mom


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