Routine – שגרה

In light of the חגים ending and my schedule including and excluding structure, I thought it was about time to chronicle what my regular days (Sun-Thurs) have consisted of throughout the past few months:

6:12 – first alarm goes off, snooze.

6:15 – second alarm goes off, snooze.

6:18 – third alarm goes off, finally get up.

6:24 – leave room.

6:25 – start running.

6:32 – stop running because it’s too early to run, as indicated by the snoozing of two consecutive alarms.

6:35 – run.

7:07 – finish run, return to room.

7:08 – shower, brush teeth, wash face, apply hyaluronic acid, brush hair, deodorant, get dressed.

7:34 (on a good day) – leave room, go to moadon.

7:35 – make coffee.

7:38 – get plate of food, including Israeli salad, labneh, toast, scrambled eggs (on a good day).

7:57 – wash dishes, dawdle.

8:07 – get asked why I’m not at the bus stop and told to go there immediately.

8:10 – get to bus stop (on time!).

8:11 – wait for bus that is supposed to arrive at 8:10, sharp.

8:17 – get on bus.

8:32 – get off bus, at Ibim.

8:34 – get to classroom.

8:35 – contemplate if it is worth staying for the entire lesson, depending on the day.

8:36 – open Etgar Keret book, read.

10:00 – break.

10:31 – go back to class, engage (on a good day).

11:32 – wonder why I didn’t pack a snack.

11:45 – break.

12:03 – the home stretch.

12:04 – learn something completely unrelated to the text or grammar form from the first two parts of class.

12:57 – leave class.

13:03 – wait for bus, upset about its lateness.

13:07 – get on bus.

13:22 – get off bus.

13:26 – get to moadon.

13:27 – survey the food situation three times before electing to eat either A) the least sketch chicken and veggies on the table, B) breakfast leftovers, C) peanut butter & honey sandwich.

13:43 – wash dishes.

13:46 – back to room.

13:59 – return to moadon with Etgar Keret book, AirPods, and Israeli chocolate chips.

14:00 – study time.

15:52 – stop procrastinating during study time and return to room for mini nap/much-needed Netflix break.

16:30 or 17:00 – return to moadon for an activity pertaining to A) physical fitness, B) the army, C) Zionism, D) current state of Israeli affairs, E) emotions, or F) consent (?) (it’s a new one and wasn’t handled well).

17:09 – paper put on the ground or table, sometimes with pens.

17:11 – explanation given about paper.

18:45 or 19:00 – activity ends.

19:00 or 19:15 – dinner.

19:19 – review plastic containers of leftovers, opt for apple and peanut butter, maybe toast and cheese.

19:30 – leave moadon, rest.

20:00 – return to moadon.

20:03 – begin second activity of the day.

21:36 – finish second activity.

21:38 – return to room, planning out outfit and running gear for next day.

21:42 – indulge in שטויות.

22:37 – get ready for bed, brushing teeth, applying hyaluronic acid, vitamin C, and Q10 serum.

22:40 – in bed.

22:58 – fall asleep, repeat.

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